Alex Metric

The British Lord of Rock and Rave

Full name: Alex Metric

Aliases: Alex Drury, Grincheux

Age: 31

Hometown: London, England

The bio: Alex Metric remembers the first time he heard electronic music. As a schoolboy, he’d missed his bus home, and decided to hit up the local record store. Once he heard the big beats of Fatboy Slim, he was hooked. Fast-forward a decade later, and the sharply dressed, skinny-tie-wearing Brit is traveling the world, spreading the gospel of supremely groovy, hook-heavy electro house. Most recently, he’s remixed everyone from U2 to Ellie Goulding and released a three-part EP series called Ammunition on Owsla—the record label owned by Skrillex, no less. Yep, you can expect big things from this chap.

The must-hear: “Ilium,” a retro-futuristic thumper from Alex Metric and the Stanton Warriors’ Mark Yardley. The title is a reference to a novel by science fiction writer Dan Simmons, as well as everyone’s favorite collegiate tome, the Iliad.

Sounds like: A groovier Justice.

Red Bull Editions. They’re available in three flavors—cranberry,lime and blueberry. It’s the liquid energy that’s going to carry you through the festival.

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