The Dynamic Underground Duo

Full names: Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman

Aliases: Solarity

Hometown: London, England

The bio: Alfie and Nick are two college buddies better known as Dusky. As flag bearers for UK bass—that hybrid genre that weaves together elements of two-step, deep house and progressive house—they’ve played everywhere from Berlin’s infamous Berghain club to London’s iconic Fabric. Although the boys have mostly stuck to the underground club scene, their crossover appeal is self-evident: their immensely danceable EP Careless shot to number one on Beatport’s charts in 2013, with its title track turning into a smash hit as soon as it hit dance floors.

The must-hear: “Careless,” a grooving house anthem in the vein of Disclosure.

Sounds like: A concrete-walled German nightclub at 5am.

Red Bull Editions. They’re available in three flavors—cranberry,lime and blueberry. It’s the liquid energy that’s going to carry you through the festival.

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