Maya Jane Coles

The Deep-House Revolution Starts Here

Full name: Maya Jane Coles

Aliases: Nocturnal Sunshine

Age: 26

Hometown: London, England

The bio: EDM might be an industry that is, sadly, still an all-boys club, but Maya Jane Coles has been steadily carving out a place for herself at the top. Not content to stand behind the decks and wave her hands around, she’s earned the respect of fellow DJs and fans alike for her hands-on approach to her music—she writes, produces, engineers and mixes virtually all of her releases. The half-Japanese Brit has also graced the cover of dance-music bible Mixmag, been included in Rolling Stone’s 25 Most Influential DJs list and recorded a mix for the legendary DJ Kicks series. Not too shabby for a newcomer.

The must-hear: “Comfort,” a house track so deep and heavy it practically smells like incense.

Sounds like: The soundtrack of a dark anime movie.

Red Bull Editions. They’re available in three flavors—cranberry,lime and blueberry. It’s the liquid energy that’s going to carry you through the festival.

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