How to Get There

Helicopters, Segways and Other Means of Transportation

Vegas is hot. Vegas is desert. Vegas is not the kind of place where you get from point A to point B by walking. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few alterantive means of EDC transportation for you.

EDC Helicopter Shuttles

The official VIP helicopter shuttle of EDC, which’ll swiftly escort you from McCarran to the festival. Because of course this festival has an official helicopter shuttle.

t: 702-261-0007w:

Gotham Dream Cars

A fleet of supercars for hire ranging from the not-so-subtle (Porsche 911s) to the... really not-so-subtle (McLarens and Lamborghini Murciélagos). Oh, Vegas.

t: 310-919-3400 w:

Segway Last Vegas

Hey, when all else fails, there’s always Segway...

t: 702-596-1111 w:

Las Vegas Limo Diaries

There are plenty of limousines to hire in Vegas. But this company specializes in limos of the exotic variety—like stretch armored cars. And ones with curiously placed brass poles.

t: 702-530-7713 w:

EDC Shuttle Pass

If you want reliable, you want the EDC Shuttle Pass. It’ll get you access to shuttle buses that run continuously between EDC and all the major resorts on the Strip. Hey, it can’t always be sexy.


Red Bull Editions. They’re available in three flavors—cranberry,lime and blueberry. It’s the liquid energy that’s going to carry you through the festival.

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