The Six Critical
Apps for EDC

The Best Apps for Surviving Electric Daisy Carnival

We love reminiscing about the humble, van-filled, open-field beginnings of the music festival as much as the next person. But time—and more importantly, progress—stops for no man. Behold, the handheld technological advances you’ll need to say “Veni, vidi, Avicii...”

The Next Move

For when you’re unsure where to... whatever, there’s UrbanDaddy’s award-winning The Next Move. Tell it where you are (Vegas), who you’re with (friends) and what you want (99-cent shrimp cocktail), and let the app do its thing.



Pretty much the encyclopedia of EDC: venue maps, set times, artist bios, tickets for post-carnival club shows. Hey, you’ll stop fist-pumping when you’re good and ready.


Think of this as a more socialized Shazam. ID the song, then instantly post it to Twitter with its YouTube video. Because if it’s not on Twitter, it didn’t happen.



It’s a dry heat out there in the Vegas desert. So you’ll want to stay hydrated by programming your H2O-intake regimen with this app. It’s kind of like a drinking game. Kind of.


Decibel 10th

Turn your iDevice into a professional-grade sound meter to best preserve those precious ear follicles. And finally know the exact levels of “Levels.”


Marco Polo

Drop a pin to share locations with your group and streamline the post-performance meetup. Beats firing up flares.


Red Bull Editions. They’re available in three flavors—cranberry,lime and blueberry. It’s the liquid energy that’s going to carry you through the festival.

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